Benefits of using Workplace Wellbeing

We sincerely believe we are the best provider for workplace wellbeing in Australia.  We will help you develop, implement and integrate a program that is the envy of peers,  has a positive effect on the your workplace and organisation and is raved about by your staff.  This is because we have a unique methodology,  designed from the bottom-up and developed in the field.  This is the IP we will share with you.  We’re not a ‘health company’,  ‘fitness provider’ or an ‘agent’ for alternative providers  – we specifically established to help you develop an excellent wellbeing program from start to finish.

How our methodology helps you:

Benefit Feature
Low risk
No  guesswork and no waste – you get a program that everyone wants and has contributed to.  It exactly fits your needs.
With our methodology individual wellbeing plans feed a whole-of-organisation welltivity™ program.
Individuals take responsibility
Everyone benefits – and everyone contributes.
Our Workplace Life Health Plan©  ensures that staff take some accountability for their own wellbeing – not just the organisation.
Ease of use
Our proven methodology saves you time, money and effort and results in a high quality wellbeing program.
A clear 7-step path from need identification to implementation with tools and templates for every step of the way.
Effective program
The program you design will deliver results for individuals and the organisation.
We measure the change in wellbeing and use only evidence-based interventions.  We invest heavily in keeping up-to-date with the latest research.
Customisable to your organisation
We have solutions and delivery methods for any budget and organisation.
We have 5 options covering both the development and delivery of your program with plenty of ways to tailor what and how much we’re involved.  You are in control at all times.


“A well-received and informative [wellbeing]  presentation! It was great for staff to feel valued right at the beginning of the year, and to have the opportunity to take something away personally from the workshop.
I have had many people approaching me personally to thank me for inviting you to work with us and asking for further information. Immediately following the workshop the staff as a whole naturally converged on the staffroom for lunch together instead of splitting into their own areas as so often happens. This in itself is a valuable demonstration that your work made a difference. Thank you!”
– Patricia Wan, Caroline Springs College (January 2011)

The City of Greater Dandenong recently engaged Cris Popp to undertake a workshop for Council’s management team on Personal and Team Resilience. Cris was able to easily connect with and engage our management group of approximately 30.
The success of this workshop was evident from the smiles on people’s faces, over the following weeks, when asked “did you find the workshop useful?” This was an engaging event with lasting impact and I recommend Cris Popp for similar training and professional development work.
– John Bennie, Chief Executive Officer, City of Greater Dandenong.

Who We Are

Cris Popp

Sometimes described as the thinking person’s presenter, Cris Popp is a sought-after speaker on high performance workplaces, resilience, wellbeing, happiness, positive psychology, managing change with a particular focus on workplaces. As a trainer and facilitator he works with organizations to create a productive, innovative and engaging culture. He also runs laughter sessions and in-house professional development and is a corporate MC.  His clients include some of the biggest names in corporate in Australia as well as the Melbourne Business School and Australian Institute of Management. His keynotes and seminars are highly regarded. He lives in Melbourne and is a keen bushwalker. See for more.

Merv Neal

Merv is a successful and experienced businessman of more than thirty years who now spends his time assisting businesses with work life, wellness, and emotional health programs. These programs when successfully implemented result in business and sales growth. He has been working for the last seven years with a variety of organisations. His work as a professional speaker, facilitator and practitioner has him traveling the world to rave reviews by his clients. More information can be gained at

6 Principles

1. Shared responsibility

The wellbeing of your staff should not be just up to your organisation – individuals need to take some responsibility and get involved.  Our methodology has a strong emphasis on personal responsibility.

2. Lasting change

We believe that change should last – not just for the duration of the program – but long after we have left the building.  Our interventions leave a lasting positive impact. True change comes through long term repetition.

3. Comprehensive and Integrated

Wellbeing encompasses the whole person and workplace.  That’s why programs should cover physical, psychological and workplace wellbeing.  Our individual wellbeing plans are incorporated into your organisation wellbeing calendar. A holistic approach means that there is a balance of Work Life and Health.

4. Customised for your needs and budget

One size does not fit all – our programs, even individual seminars, are designed for your organisation and your audience.  No two programs or even seminars are the same. Our welltivity™ program is tailored to suit the business as well as the individual.

5. Emphasis on “Mental Fitness”

It starts in your head – where your mind goes the body follows. People first have to make a mental shift in order to develop physical wellbeing. We believe that if you get the psychological side right physical wellbeing – and thriving workplaces follow.

6. Positive impact on the organisation

Next to the wellbeing of staff is the health of your organisation.  Particular productivity, performance and of course – the bottom line.  That’s why we call our programs “welltivity”  wellbeing programs that boost productivity.