Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Happiness & Its Causes 2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Workplace Wellbeing

I am thrilled, and a little flattered, to announce that after two and a half years of hard work I’ve been invited to take Laughter Yoga to the “Happiness and Its Causes 2010” conference! This conference has featured some of the biggest, baddest (or should that be happiest?), and most influence figures in happiness Dalai Lama; Martin Seligman (the ‘father’ of positive psychology); Marva Collins (US educationalist); and Tal Ben Shahar. This year I am very much looking forward to seeing Barbara Fredrickson – a pioneer in the field of positive emotions.

Happiness & Its Causes is the world’s largest forum on human happiness and is being held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, 5-6 May 2010.  Each year, over 2,000 people from all walks of life meet at the conference to examine the big issues of life.  The conference provides a unique combination of hard-edged science, real life inspiration, gut-wrenching personal stories and practical wisdom. Many have hailed it as a life-changing experience. I know I certainly have – it is also an incredible buzz to be in a room so many people all interested in human development.

There are some fantastic key note speakers scheduled to present over the two-day event, including some of the world’s best psychologists, scientists and philosophers (and of course – me)!  I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring laughter yoga to so many people – I hope you can be one of them.  If you do come please Popp (sorry couldn’t resist that pun) over and say hello.

Yours Laughingly, Cris Popp