Are You…

establishing a wellbeing program?

… and not sure where to start? Do you want to ensure your program is best practice?  Yes, best practice wellbeing matters to me

a HR manager?

… with a million things to do, as well as,  organising a wellbeing program? Yes I’d like to save time and effort

a business owner or CEO?

… wanting to improve profits, productivity and performance? Yes I want a more successful business

a business without a wellbeing program?

…  wanting to establish a wellbeing program as quickly and painlessly as possible? Yes please save me time and effort

a staff member or team leader?

… wanting to look after the wellbeing of yourself, your colleagues or your team members?  Morale is important to me

Do you need to:

increase resilience?

….  instead of managing stress – build resilience with our proven Wellbeing Programs & Resilience Compass©.  Yes greater resilience would be an advantage

improve productivity and collaboration?

… the hidden cost of disengagement, poor health and low commitment is high – the solution is here.  I’d like to increase commitment and focus

reduce OH&S costs?

… find out how our wellbeing programs can save you money in premiums, lost time and reduced claims.  I want to reduce costs and increase wellbeing

retain staff

… if your staff believe you care for them – they’ll care for you.  Keep your staff engaged,  focussed and wanting to be at work.  I care about my staff and would like to increase  engagement

attract new staff

… our wellbeing programs will put you up there with the employers of choice reducing the cost of attracting new staff .  Attraction and retention are important to me

improve morale

… We believe Monday morning can  be something you look forward to.  Our philosophy of “Happy Hour is 9 to 5”  emphasises  great workplace relationships and builds collaboration and morale.  Yes morale matters to me

What is Wellness, Wellbeing and Welltivity™


Wellness is … the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.


Wellbeing is … conducting activities which promote and enhance the wellness.


Wellbeing programs which boost productivity.  Welltivity™  is what we call our wellbeing programs because, while we know it’s good to look after the health of your people, you also need to keep an eye on the bottom line.  High performance and great wellbeing – psychological, physical and workplace – are all linked in our programs.