We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service.   That means we provide help, advice, and tools to assist you to determine your needs and design a tailor-made program.  We can then either deliver seminars ourselves or help  you source the providers.   You do as much – or as little – of it as you like.   The benefits are flexibility, fit for a wide range of budgets and access to the best providers.

Along the way we provide a range of tools including:

Work-Life Health Plans©

Extremely popular with staff they provide a holistic snapshot of individual wellbeing and are use to populate the Workplace Wellness Program© …

Workplace Wellness Program Templates©

An organisation-wide needs analysis which will help you plan your comprehensive and successful “Welltivity”™ program.   It is cost effective too because you won’t provide interventions that aren’t necessary or wanted.

Welltivity Calendar©

Wellbeing activities implemented over your chosen period (usually a year) and across your unit, division, business or organisation.

Health Monitoring Tool©

This tool measures the improvement in wellbeing of your staff.   See a very real and direct link between your wellbeing program and staff health.

Workplace Wellness Options Packages©

Five options for development and delivery of your program to cater for every budget, business and organisational  structure.   When we say one size does NOT fit all – we mean it.

Tools to help

We also have promotional material, online reminders, self-organised sessions and a host of experience to place at the fingertips of our clients.   Would you like access to them?  Give us a call or email, we’ll share what we have – then it’s up to you.  Whatever you decide to do you’ll be better informed.