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Research into Wellbeing At Work

Monday, January 10th, 2011
Workplace Wellbeing

“Ever been in a state of “flow”?

You might not have heard of it but I can guarantee you will have experienced it.  Flow can best be described as the moments in life where your skills are perfectly matched to your challenges, concentration is so intense that you have nothing left to focus on irrelevant problems or everyday worries.  You are completely involved in what you are doing, your “self” disappears and you often lose track of time.

We get it when we’re delivering training or seminars or a key-note speech.  What about you?

Flow  activities are  so rewarding that they are an end in themselves  – something you carry out for its own sake. Flow is an important new construct to psychology and emerging research is showing that flow experiences in your daily life are central to your ‘true’  happiness.

At Workplace Wellbeing we are always encouraging research to help make your work experience better so would you like to be involved in some research?

Simply complete the  online questionnaire (no more than 30mins) found at https://www.psychdata.com/s.asp?SID=136941 (if  link doesn’t work, please copy and paste into your browser). There is a chance to WIN movie tickets for your participation. No identifying information is collected.  Participating in this research may lead you to a more fulfilling life as it prompts you to think about the positive aspects of work that most people are unfamiliar with or don’t stop to think about. And of course your contribution could help others and make for more enjoyable workplaces in the future.

Fun Helps Change and Learning

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Workplace Wellbeing

It should be pretty obvious to you by now that we believe having fun is a better way to change behaviour than a negative, deficit-based approach (see our YouTube testimonials and clips ). It ties in with our belief that happy people are more effective at work and in their personal lives. There’s plenty of scientific evidence for that and a growing body of practice including Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Innovative Positive Organisational Development (IPOD). Now IPOD and AI probably don’t sound like very “fun” words to you (we’re geeks and love this subject) so we’re going to make it fun for you to understand. Just watch this clip read on below. Notice how many more people take the stairs after the change ….

It does remind me of the maths teacher reported in the Melbourne Age that who brought a dog into class and found that all the students’ marks went up. People are attracted to what makes them feel good and avoid that which makes them feel bad (oh what a surprise *lol*). Not everything can be lighthearted but things have gone too far the other way – there is an epidemic of seriousness. Workplaces and jobs can be much more fun. Workshops, especially, should be fun to make people receptive to new messages and help learning. That is if you want people to want to be there. And we wonder how to engage our people!