Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing Tip Number 10

Start a choir

A bit like Yoga, being involved in a choir is very “in” at present. There are choirs for all different type of people and groups, especially community ones

The most well known one recently, was created by Jonathan Welch. He started the Choir of Hard Knocks. This was made up of homeless people, and became a worldwide success. I still see “Clarko” around the streets of Melbourne from time to time

The other is Kavisha Mazzella. She is an ARIA winning singer songwriter, who established the Italian Women’s Choir in Fremantle in 1993 as an eight week project. It’s still going today

Choirs are now popping up in workplaces everywhere and here’s why…

  1. Teamwork. Participating in a choir requires people to do different things at the same time, together, without losing focus. It’s all about effectiveness and efficiency
  2. Creativity. If it doesn’t work, then try a different way. As the human voice is different for each of us, the ability to create a new way of doing something, to get a different result, is key
  3. Cooperation. Different to teamwork, this is more about discipline. It’s about being mindful of sticking to the outcome, even when things are not working out the way they should
  4. Everyone can sing at their own level. It’s easy to hide in a choir. Now I didn’t say do a Milli Vanilli and do nothing, but singing softly can be sweeter than singing louder
  5. It still sounds good. For some reason we resonate with others through interaction and sound. When things resonate, at any level, they sound good. So get out there and make a noise


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