Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing Tip Number 7

Appreciation and Gratitude
Appreciation and gratitude are lacking in many workplaces, which is really confusing to me, as they are absolutely FREE. So why are they missing? It’s been my observation that’s it’s a cultural thing. We believe that people have roles and responsibilities to achieve as an expectation, so why should they be thanked for what they are supposed to do anyway?
Another reason is that in business, we are programmed to look for problems, so that we can fix them. Identify what’s going wrong, and then make it right. For this reason we are constantly in a negative mindset. Negative mindsets and positive comments don’t work together
And finally, business is seen to be so serious. This stimulates our sympathetic nervous system and ready for fight or flight. This hardly creates an affirming energy or environment
Here are 5 simple ways to show appreciation and gratitude
1. Start meetings by saying something good. This can be outside the Agenda if you wish. Just go around the table and one by one ask them the best thing that’s happened to them this week
2. As they do so, make sure that everyone claps. Clapping at even the smallest thing, stimulates the acupuncture pressure points in the hands, and wakes the body up
3. Positive psychology is merely looking at things from a glass half full viewpoint. If you want to change a person’s mindset, then have to look at the company’s values and culture
4. Self-esteem comes from within as well as from outside. While it’s not always easy to change it from within, just acknowledge how a person looks. This will change their internal voice
5. Say thank you, with the emphasis on “you”. This indicates that you are not appreciating the act, but the individual who did it. If you want to take it one step further, then add “soooooo much”

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