Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing idea Number 6

Walk to a park to have your meeting

Meetings are the bane of our working life. Never before has there been more time spent on meaningless meetings than at present. How do I know this? Because when I’m asked to professionally facilitate meetings, the people are delighted. It appears there is little or no preparation, a lack of a stimulating and interesting agenda, poor facilitation, and a lack of clearly defined outcomes
For this reason, it’s time for a shake up. I mentioned in my last blog that people are now standing at meetings. It’s now time to get moving. After all, motion creates emotion
Walking is aerobic exercise. The heart gets pumping, and the lungs get working. This provides energy by way of oxygen, to the brain, as well as to the body cells. After all, much sickness is created purely by lack of proper breathing

Here are 5 advantages of walking to a park for your meeting

1. Fresh air. You will not only be outside in the elements, but you’ll be out of the air-conditioned environment. Air conditioning fosters a multitude or air borne diseases
2. Exercise. The second largest issue we face in business is sedentary behavior, just behind stress. With the current philosophy to work 50 and walk 10, going to a park works
3. A change of surroundings. Make the most of the natural environment. Brain storming works very well when you start to assimilate it to a different environment, than the one you’re in
4. A chance to chat. Relationships are a series of conversations. As you walk, folks will be chatting about a variety of things that would normally be done in private around the water cooler
5. It also shifts the flow by not sitting in the same seat, in the same room, with the same thoughts. Mix it up. Too many meetings follow the same agenda, with the same outcomes

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