Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing idea Number 5

Have a walking, standing, or moving meeting

Have you ever heard of “brain fade?” It’s a condition known by many names, and happens to us all from time to time. The problem with brain fade is not necessarily that it happens, but when it happens. The most common time that I have seen is during meetings. And these are often the meetings that we have to attend, rather than the ones we want to attend
For ages now, people have been trying to make these types of meetings as interesting and meaningful as possible, sometimes with little or no effect. Could the answer be to simply stand up at the meeting, or in fact to have physical movement at the meeting by way of walking at some time?
The reason that this works is because it activates the brain. Motion creates emotion, and the very act of standing requires the brain to start working. You’d fall over otherwise
Here are 5 advantages of not sitting for a meeting…
1. If you’re standing you are constantly shifting your weight to maintain balance. This stimulates blood circulation from the feet to the rest of the body. Eventually it ends up in your head
2. End each agenda item with a lap of the room. This enables people to process the last item and then start their thinking anew. Ensure that when you stop you’re in a different place
3. People get sick of standing after a while. This will ensure that you have breaks to refresh. It will also ensure that people will get through the meeting quicker and not ramble on as much
4. On walking meetings, there is chaos and randomness. Trying to locate who is talking and viewing them requires extra movement. This can also double as exercise for folks who don’t get much
5. An outside walking meeting provides us with fresh air. Coupled with the movement as exercise, this provides more oxygen to the brain, which in turn enhances more creative thinking

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