Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Workplace Wellbeing idea Number 4

Implement a “No eating at your desk policy”

One of the major issues that we face in Australia is obesity. I disagree. I believe that it’s poor nutrition, along with a more sedentary lifestyle. So let’s pick on poor nutrition, and go straight to eating habits. Now there’s a problem !
At work we tend to do one of two things. Not eat at all, or eat while we work. Not eating at all is just plain dumb, because food is our fuel to keep our mind and body going throughout the day. Eating at our desk while we work however, is merely a bad habit that can be easily broken, and should be
Eating at our desk encourages social isolation and no considered focus on what we eat, or how we eat. Several organizations that we work with have now adopted a “no eating at your desk policy” and have had some outstanding successes in many areas
Here are 5 advantages of not eating at your desk…
1. You will move. Moving to a lunchroom or café puts the body into motion, and the mind at rest. The further that you have to walk to get or eat your food, the better the concept becomes
2. You will socialize. There’s every chance that you’ll meet someone while you’re there, and have a chat. The Dalai Lama cites eating with friends as a highly spiritual activity
3. You will be more aware of what you’re eating from a nutrition view. Don’t do anything else while you eat. Study the food before, and as you eat it, experiencing the textures and taste
4. You will be more aware of how you eat. “Chew your food longer and slower” our parents used to tell us. Regardless of how much you eat, you will be fulfilled after 20 minutes
5. You will be more focused when you return. Having a break in the middle of the day is like having two days in one. You will return and be able to solve problems, and work harder

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