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Wellbeing Tip Number 3 Have a “no internal emails” day

It’s official. Emails are out of control. What was once seen to be a time saving communications device, has now turned into a time waster. Some business people are trying (unsuccessfully) to process up to 200 emails per day
Emails have increased for a variety of reasons. We have fallen into the habit of replacing face to face communication with emails. This takes longer and is less effective. Add to this people who want to CC everybody to “keep them in the loop”, and those who think that having a “paper trail” is vital, and you have email chaos
To combat this one of my clients decided to have a no internal emails day, and it worked. Why not give it a try?

Here are 5 advantages of a no emails day…

1. People will exercise more, unconsciously. A 2012 VicHealth Survey identified that the second biggest problem facing business is Sedentary Behavior. This will get them moving
2. People will interact more. Face to face communication is much more effective than emails. This means less time will be spent communicating, to offset the time spent walking
3. People will be more focused on other tasks on that day. This day should be dedicated to high-level tasks. Strategy, planning, and streamlining procedures, as examples
4. People will be moved away from other forms of social media. There is a natural link between emails, twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and the likes. No emails can break this pattern
5. More emails will be processed on the other days. Our unconscious brain will allocate less time on each email due to this increased volume on the other days

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