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Wellbeing Tip Number 2 Climb Stairs

Our Workplace Wellbeing tip for this month is to climb stairs. Climbing stairs is quite a unique exercise, because it requires the body to defy gravity. Moving the body forward is one thing, moving it up is another, but moving it forward, as well as up, is something that doesn’t happen in any other form of exercise. It also works on the different elements of fitness. From a physical point of view, it’s excellent for arm and leg exercise. The more that you move your arms, the less work the legs have to do. From a mental point of view, it takes a strong mind to climb a mountain. That’s one of the reasons that people do it. Now I know that stairs aren’t a mountain, but it requires the same thinking. And finally, from a physiology point of view, nothing gets the heart racing, and the blood pumping, and the lungs heaving, as quickly as this exercise

Here are 5 ways to get people to take on this exercise…

  1. Place posters on the lift door and in the lift. I’ve seen some amusing and some serious ones. The best one was “what if there’s a fire or a power outage while you’re in here?”
  2. Place posters up and down the stairs. These should be encouraging and positive ones. A good one I saw was “If you’re wanting to get fit, you’ve taken the first step”
  3. Provide a blood pressure and heart rate monitor. By people being able to see how hard they are working, from an aerobic point of view, is very encouraging
  4. Ask them as they come into work first thing in the morning. Have you climbed the stairs today? Or if you’re a little sarcastic you can say how well they look having just climbed the stairs
  5. Encourage smokers to do it. This has a twofold effect. It shows them how unfit they are, and that every time they go for a smoke, there will be a painful climb at the end

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