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Workplace Wellbeing Ideas That Work…and Cost Nothing. Idea Number 1

Hello and Happy New Year. Over the next twelve months, we’re going to keep you up to date with what people are doing that work, in regard to Wellbeing. The other amazing thing about these ideas, is that they are often free

Number One. Park, or walk, from a distance away from your work. If you travel to work by car, then find a car park about one kilometer from your workplace. If you take public transport, then get off one stop before you need to.

Typical objections have been, I have to carry lots of stuff to work. Use a trolley. I can’t walk in these shoes. Wear runners. I’ll be all sweaty by the time I get there. No you won’t. I won’t have time. Yes you will. Remember it’s all about accepting responsibility for our own wellbeing that counts

Here are 5 reasons why this one works so well…

  1. Fitness. A one kilometer walk will take approximately 15 minutes. This will impact slightly on your physical health, but will increase your emotional health significantly
  2. Weight. Combined with sensible eating, you will see a loss in weight. This will rely on the consistency, as well as the speed that you walk at. Make it aerobic by changing the pace
  3. Social. You will find that people will team up to walk together to work. This will enhance relationships, as well as have them straight into work mode when they get there without the chat
  4. Work ideas and planning. While you walk you think. This time in the morning is an opportune time to plan your day. It’s also a good opportunity at the end of the day to do a debrief
  5. Cheaper. Parking costs will be cheaper, and in some cases, non-existent. It also reduces the amount of petrol used, and wear and tear on the vehicle

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