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A Stroke can be deadly

One in five people having a first-ever stroke die within one month. And one in three die within a year. If you survive, you can be left with a variety of physical and mental disabilities

A stroke is when the blood supply is interrupted to the brain. This can be in the form of a blockage, or a vessel bursting. Signs that someone is suffering from a stroke can be seen in their face. Usually the eye or mouth will droop and speech will be impaired. There will also be a weakening or paralysis of the arms. Time is critical as the longer the situation remains the more damage is done to the cells of the brain

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, and being overweight, are all things that need to be avoided to prevent a stroke

Here are 5 tips to help you prevent a Stroke

1.  Keep your weight down. I didn’t say lose heaps, just some. Make a target this year to lose just five kilograms regardless of how much you weigh

2.  Nutrition. Eat less more often. Once again all you need to do is cut out a snack or two, or decrease the amount that you eat each session

3.  Exercise. The most common thinking is thirty minutes three times a week. Why not change this thinking to ten minutes every day and see what happens

4.  Quit smoking. Enough said on this one. When I smoked in my youth there was no information that smoking was bad for your health. Now there is, so stop it before it kills you

5.  Reduce alcohol intake. Count the number of drinks that you have each week and then reduce it by one per week per month. Trust me it works

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