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Improving Men’s Health

OK blokes…let’s get down to it. The five major health issues that we’re dealing with are in the 21st Century are (and in no order of priority) obesity, heart attacks and strokes, cancer, depression, and stress.
I call all of these 1st World Social Diseases. In other words, as we don’t have to suffer from these diseases, we can therefore easily prevent them. So what’s the problem here and why don’t we?
I believe the major problem is that we are not taking personal responsibility for our own health. We want someone else to look after these for us and then when we get sick we just expect to go along to our doctors and hospitals to tell them to fix it. This is causing a massive strain on our health system

Here are 5 tips to improve your health if you’re a man

1. Reduce your alcohol content. Just cut back by a half. Nobody said that alcohol in moderation was bad for you but what is moderation
2. Better nutrition. Be conscious of what you eat. Eat the right food and less of it. Listen to your body and not your mind and feed it accordingly
3. Take on an exercise activity that isn’t physically related. It’s way too easy to go to the gym or jump on a bike. What can we do to improve our emotional, mental, or spiritual health
4. Find a buddy to talk to. Men don’t talk to women and have trouble talking to strange men. If you have a buddy you can tell him everything knowing that he will help you sort things out
5. Develop a stress management process. What is it that manages your stress? Everyone needs something that dissipates a stressful situation

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