Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Laughter…is the best medicine

We’ve all heard this saying but do we really know why it’s true. Here are some reasons that explain this. Firstly laughter boosts the immune system. This is important in fighting colds and flu. Secondly when we laugh our blood circulation increases while the arteries expand that flushes away clots. These clots cause heart attacks and strokes. It also oxygenates the body cells that can limit cancer. And finally it provides mental positivity that stops depression
So what has this to do with business? Well when we’re laughing we’re happy. And happy workers are more productive workers. They’re also more likely to enjoy working there and stay longer, as well as want to tell others what a GRRREAT place this is to work at

Here are 5 tips to get more laughter into your workplace

1. Invite us to conduct a laughter session at your workplace. Too often people don’t laugh due to inhibitions. During a laughter session all of these hang ups dissolve
2. Look for things to laugh at. When you do this you develop a sense of humor. This not only helps you to laugh but others to laugh also
3. Conduct activities that are fun. Brainstorming activities are the best. Try writing your ideas onto balloons and then hit them in the air to “see if they will fly”
4. Play with your clients. People like dealing with people who are laughing. They see them as having fun and so have fun with them
5. Lighten up. We take things way too seriously. My fridge magnet states quite clearly that “Life is way too important to be taken seriously”

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