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Creativity and Innovation

Many organizations believe that creativity and innovation are the same thing, or worse still inclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth. To be clear creativity is about establishing original ideas while innovation is the implementation of a new idea. So the big question is “do you want to be creative, or innovative, or both?”

There are three ways of doing either of these. The first is to come up with something that is absolutely brand new. Create an original thought or an idea that nobody has ever thought of before. Good luck on that one. The second way is to get an original thought from somebody else, and then modify it to suit your situation. And the third is to get an idea from somebody else and merely implement it into your organization as it is

Here are 5 tips to help you be more creative and innovative

1.  Ask your people for ideas that are outside of the box or normal processes of the organization…this will require some brainstorming activities often facilitated by an external person

2.  Ask your people to modify or improve on an existing process or system…the best way to do this is to get a list of them and then ask which will have the biggest impact with the least effort

3.  Ask your people to give you ideas they have seen outside of your organization that they were impressed with…set this as an external exercise for all of them to bring an idea back to you

4.  Get something that’s NOT working within your organization and work on that…locate what is giving you, or better still your clients, the biggest pain and then creatively fix it

5.  Get something that IS working within your organization and enhance that…once again ask your clients to tell you what it is they love about you and then make that better

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