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Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a social disease that is preventable. This is my belief and it comes from having been there and done that. My current work also has me dealing with others who have a similar story to me to tell. It’s a story of too much work, too much drinking, not eating properly, and a lack of exercise. Oh by the way I’m talking about business professionals here and not homeless people

So why do we let our bodies get to this stage before we take the necessary actions to maintain optimum health. I believe it’s a combination of stress, pressure, laziness, and complacency. Things change dramatically and quickly once you have an appointment with a Cancer Clinic

So let’s not wait until this happens. Let’s take some steps now to prevent, rather than cure cancer

Here are 5 tips to help you prevent cancer

1.  Learn to breathe. Cancer cells survive and thrive in poorly oxygenated cells. Learn the simple art of “belly” or “meditative” breathing

2.  Exercise physically regularly. This obviously helps with the oxygenation of the cells. It also puts a focus on eating and drinking sensibly because the two don’t mix

3.  Manage your workload. Try to work the hours that you’re paid for. Only one party wins from unpaid overtime and it’s not your health

4.  Manage your stress levels. Learn your personal triggers to know when your body needs stress management. Laughter Yoga is the cheapest and easiest to do

5.  Be mindful. Know how the body mind and spirit works. You are a human “being” remember. Many people spend their time merely trying to “be” human

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