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Setting 2012 Goals

For the last ten years I’ve been assisting organizations in establishing their strategic business plans. This involves developing a strategy, a vision, and then setting goals. When it comes to your wellbeing, what will be your goals for 2012 and how can you ensure they will be achieved
I have also noticed that there is a gap between goals and success. This is created because there is not enough clarity between the goal and the actions required to achieve these goals
Unfortunately, good intentions are quickly overtaken by falling back into old (and maybe bad) habits unless there is this clarity to remove the gap. The final step is to timeline it. Once again give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush it

Here are 5 tips to help you achieve your wellbeing goals

1. Set realistic goals. When you set your goals always make sure that they are reasonable. Remember that setting low goals could be the difference in being a loser to a winner
2. Write them down. It’s been well researched that 80% of people who achieve their goals have them written down. There is magic that happens when you write them down
3. Have variety. There is never a guarantee that all of the goals will work. By providing variety you have a better chance of succeeding slowly rather that failing quickly
4. Share them with others. The laws of attraction says that if you tell enough people you will eventually come across someone who will say “hey I can help you there”
5. And finally go nuts when you achieve a goal. I’ve never seen a sports person who scored a goal and didn’t go nuts. Better still call a friend. After all that’s what friends are for

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