Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Playing at Work

The art of play was lost to us at childhood. As adults we engage in activities that don’t involve the art of play. So what’s the difference? To play is “to do an something for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”. So why would we want to play at work?
When we play we’re at our most creative. It’s all right brain stuff. So if we have a work problem we can’t solve or we’re stuck in our thinking, that’s the time when we need to play
The important thing to remember is to place some parameters around why we are going to play. In other words there must be some structure and logic leading up to the play otherwise the whole thing is a waste of time…even though everyone really enjoyed themselves and had lots of laughs

Here are 5 tips on how to promote play at work

1. Let people play together. Creativity is best developed from a person coming up with an idea and then the others in the group adding to it
2. Use a game or a song that everyone knows to get the sparks flying. Remember that there doesn’t have to be a structure just an understanding as to why we’re going to play
3. Stop competitiveness early. This is not about who wins or comes up with the best idea but the fact that we all come up with new ideas for the business
4. Make sure that everyone is involved. It’s often the quiet unassuming ones that have the best ideas because they’ve never felt comfortable or competent enough before to be heard
5. And finally ensure that ALL ideas are captured. Once all of the ideas are documented then go back into business mode (left brain thinking) to determine which ideas will be trialed

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