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Work Life Balance is a Myth

That’s right…even if we were only trying to balance work and life (and we’re not) they are constantly out of balance. On any given day, week, or month, one will have precedence over the other. This imbalance is also dependent on which stage of life you’re in. For example your life commitments will be much more demanding when you have children than when you don’t
Getting back to my myth theory, the balance is between work, life, and health. All you need to do is divide the 8760 hours per year equally between the three to get your balance. That’s right, 2920 hours spent in each one will get you there
The important thing to determine is what to put into each of your plans. They must also cover each and every element of the three areas

Here are 5 tips on how to achieve Work Life Health Balance

1. Create Work, Life, and Health Plans. Ensure they have a time line and are realistic. Ensure that hours are included and that the total doesn’t exceed 8920 as that’s all you have
2. Make sure your Work Plan covers things such as your finances, personal development, career progression, roles and responsibilities, and relationships
3. Your life plan needs to include some ME time, FAMILY time, FRIENDS time, SOCIAL time, and COMMUNITY time. This provides a balance within this plan
4. Your health plan needs to cover emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual elements. The fifth element is your sleep as this is when your body mind and spirit regenerates itself
5. And finally ensure you schedule time to update your plans once a quarter. Remember that a plan without action or review is a piece of paper

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