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Let’s “chuck a sickie”

Come on now…we’ve all said it at some stage. I remember doing this at school so it’s not as if we only begin this (some would call uniquely Aussie) practice when we start work. It has however been predominant in the workplace and has been driving employers crazy since the beginning of time
Now I’m not saying that people don’t get sick or not entitled to take time off when they are. What I am saying is that why, when I gave my staff in my last business $100 per day per year for any unused sick leave, that the days lost due to sick leave reduced by 80%…hmmmm
As an employer you need to ensure that every effort is made to ensure that staff don’t get into the habit of “chucking a sickie”

Here are the 5 tips on how to reduce Sick Leave

1. As stated above give them a financial incentive for any unused sick leave. Make this an annual payment and ensure that everyone is present when the bonus cheques are paid out
2. Make sure that Doctor’s Certificates are obtained when required by their Worker’s Agreement. Word gets around the water cooler pretty quickly if you get sloppy
3. Have something special happen on Monday morning. More than half of the “sickies” taken occur on a Monday so try to lure them in with a special activity they wouldn’t want to miss
4. Make sure you chat with them the day after they take a sick day whether it’s real or not. You will be able to tell quickly whether they are genuine or not by their response
5. Be genuine in your concern for those who are sick. Make sure you take time out to talk to them and show them some compassion. After all you may need it yourself one day

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