Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Being the Employer of Choice

For more that nine years now I have been facilitating Strategic Planning retreats for a variety of companies in a variety of industries in a variety of locations. On more than half of these occasions there has been a mention that organizations would like to be an “Employer of Choice”. Where the struggle has come from is determining how this is going to be achieved?
Irrespective of the statistics (which support the following five points by the way) the feedback from executives and staff I have surveyed has been overwhelming that these are what they desire most from a workplace and generally in this order

Here are the 5 things to know to be an Employer of Choice

1. People want to be happy. As happiness is a state of mind every effort should be placed on improving emotional health. Our Workplace Wellbeing Programs address this very issue
2. People want to work for an organization that has a purpose. The job and related tasks can be the worst in the world as long as the outcome is worthwhile. Everyone needs to focus on results
3. People want self-development and to feel they are a better person at the end of each day. Minimizing and managing stress levels is an important factor to consider here
4. People want career progression. Everybody wants to be the boss some day and the younger they are the quicker they want to get there. Have clear and signed off expectations and make sure both parties stick to them
5. People want financial security. Many businesses are using their Workplace Wellbeing Program to value add. Placing a dollar value on one provides an incentive for existing staff to stay, as well as attract new ones, while keeping salaries lower

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