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Bullying…reality or perception?

Bullying is one of the major issues facing society at present. Not only is it being experienced with young people through social media, it is affecting employees at work. The latter is interesting because it is resulting in claims that are time consuming, complex, and costly
The big question is “why is bullying trending up at present?” Is it that bullying and aggression is on the increase. Or is it that the people who are being bullied are less able to deal with certain situations
Whether it is the aggressor or the receiver it can often be a perception rather than reality. If a person is emotionally unhealthy their perception will be poor and their reaction will be less than acceptable or capable of dealing with situations
Here are 5 tips to help to prevent bullying

1. Have an effective performance management system. This gives all parties the ability to regularly share information, thoughts, and feelings about the workplace
2. Establish a buddy system. Make sure that any new or potentially susceptible employee has the support of a more senior staff member
3. Mentoring and coaching are great tools to use. With mentoring folks can have their ideas challenged as to their validity. With coaching there is on going support being offered
4. Don’t ever be afraid to get external assistance from specialist organizations. Counselors, psychologists, mediators, or even lawyers can draw things to a speedy close
5. Workplace Wellbeing Programs are based fundamentally on ensuring that employees are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spirituality capable of dealing with workplace challenges

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