Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Laughter at work

Laughter (Yoga) 6th June 2011

Laughter has four major benefits. It increases your immune system that fights off colds and flu. It provides more oxygen to the cells of the body that helps to reduce cancer take hold. It increases blood flow by relaxing muscles and blood vessels that help reduce strokes and heart attacks. And finally it improves emotional health by the release of endorphins
With all of these benefits in mind Dr Madan Kataria created a concept called Laughter Yoga. This is essentially a process that enables people to “laugh for no Reason”. This is the process that is used by the Laughter Clubs around the world. At present there are more than 6000 in more than 60 countries
In business people who are happy (laughing) are up to 50% more productive than those who aren’t. But you’re not supposed to laugh at work…or are you???
Here are 5 tips to provide you with more laughter at work

1. Start the day with a laugh. I always listen to a radio station that has amusing presenters on it. When they say something funny get into the habit of laughing out loud, or at least make a noise
2. Hang out with funny people. Your workplace has amusing and not so amusing people in it. Hang around the former. They are the ones who are laughing and have a crowd around them
3. Laugh at things that go wrong. The ability to laugh at your mistakes is very powerful. It not only eases the stress involved with making a mistake, but also helps you embrace risk
4. Laugh at things that go right. To celebrate success is healthy. Don’t keep it to yourself share it with others and laugh. You will then become that person that others want to be around
5. Identify what made you laugh today. At the end of each day reflect back on the things that made you laugh. You will see that there were lots of them and you will actually laugh again

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