Happiness and laughter in the workplace

Emotional Health

There are four elements to your overall health. Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Most people think that all effort should be directed to your Physical Health. Losing weight, increased exercise, drinking less, stopping smoking, more time for sport are all things which I hear people want to do. What if I was to tell you that this is NOT where the problem lies?

Your body does nothing without your mind telling it to do so. Go on, raise your arm, get up out of your seat, turn off the TV. None of this can happen without engaging your mind first. If it didn’t nothing would happen. The issue here is that we do it subconsciously so we don’t realize the power of the mind to direct the body

Subsequently the premise that a healthy mind is a healthy body comes back to our Emotional Health. Our Emotional State determines our Perception of a situation. This in turn determines our Reaction. Our Reaction then impacts on our Emotional state and around and around it goes (EPR)

Here are 5 tips to improve your Emotional Health

1.  Laugh more. Find the funny side of things and don’t hold back when your body wants to make a noise about it

2.  Hang around inspiring and positive people. Negative ones only want to bring you down to their level

3.  See every mistake as an opportunity. If something goes wrong ask yourself why and what would you do differently next time

4.  Exercise Physically first thing in the morning. Remember that your mind has to tell it to do so

5.  Review each day and make note of all the things that went well. Tweeting , Facebook, and Blogs allow us to share this good news with the world

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